Impact Report 2022

Mission: Crush the stigmas associated with addiction, hunger and homelessness, and be a leader in the sober majority. Here is the progress we made in 2022:

Alcoholism Prevention and Recovery Impacts – Below are our statistics from our specific programs. Overall, our alcoholism prevention and recovery work made 173,889 impacts in 2022, up from 148,111 impacts in 2021.

SHOUT Sobriety – Twenty-six people enrolled in our SHOUT Sobriety program for high-functioning alcoholics in 2022. In total, the program has helped 128 people since its inception in the summer of 2019.

Echoes of Recovery – Sixty-three loved ones of alcoholics enrolled in our Echoes of Recovery program in 2022. Since the start of the program in April of 2020, we have worked with a total of 179 people.

Marriagevolution – We launched our Marriagevolution program in Q1 of 2021. It is a once-per-month support group for couples trying to recovery their alcoholic marriages. We enrolled 64 people in the Marriagevolution in 2021 and 2022.

Sober and Unashamed – Our blog attracted over 25k unique visitors in 2022 (down from 30k in 2021). Our pages were viewed over 53k times this year (down from 64k times last year). We ended the year with over 4,700 subscribers.

Untoxicated Podcast – Our podcast episodes were downloaded 120k times in 2022 (up from 83k downloads in 2021). At the end of the year, we were getting almost 3,000 downloads per week (150% of the average weekly downloads at the of the end of 2021). Our total downloads since the launch of the podcast are 245k.

Stone Soup Publishing – Our soberevolution: Evolve into Sobriety and Recover Your Alcoholic Marriage was an Amazon top new release in September of 2020. In 2022, we sold over 783 copies through Amazon, with another couple of dozen ordered from our hardcopy supplier or from us directly (signed copies) for over 800 books sold for the year. The book continues to sell at a respectable pace, dropping off around 20% year over year with over 1,000 copies sold in 2021.

The Story Writing Workshops – We hosted five ongoing versions of our The Story Writing Workshop in 2022. Three are online and reach people around the world, while two workshops are held in person in Denver.

Stigmattack – We received $429k in grant funding in 2022 to feed homeless and hungry students in Denver Public Schools. We serve ten DPS food pantries on a weekly basis, up from six schools in 2021.

Neighborlies – We assembled and distributed hundreds of emergency relief food bags to our homeless neighbors in 2022.

Christmas in the Park – We collected and purchased 176 rolling suitcases. They were distributed, along with roughly 500 previously donated backpacks, to our homeless neighbors on Christmas morning in downtown Denver. This was our sixth consecutive year distributing backpacks and rolling suitcases at Christmas in the Park.