Crush the Stigma

Stigma prevents people from seeking life-saving help. Stigma creates an “us” versus “them” mentality that makes fixing problems impossible. Stigma is to blame – not dependence or poverty – for many of our society’s lingering epidemics.

It is our mission to crush the stigma of addiction, hunger and homelessness, and to be a leader in the sober majority.

While our personal experience with high-functioning alcoholism gives us a passion for our addiction recovery work, we are even more inspired to work on addiction prevention and change our cultural infatuation with alcohol – which is responsible for over 3 million deaths per year worldwide and over 15 million American alcoholics (more people than suffer from cancer).

Sober and Unashamed – Our website and blog to help people connect with our experiences in high-functioning alcoholism and loving an alcoholic.

Untoxicated Podcast – We talk about all the challenges to recovering a marriage from addiction. Raw, personal, heartbreaking and hopeful.

soberevolution – Our first book about evolving into sobriety and recovering your alcoholic marriage.

SHOUT Sobriety – Our program for high-functioning alcoholics in early sobriety recovering out loud to crush the stigma.

Echoes of Recovery – Connection for the loved ones of alcoholics who deserve to have their stories heard, and deserve healing independent of the decisions of the drinkers they love.

Marriagevolution – Our group for couples working together to recover their alcoholic marriages.

The Story Writing Workshops – Writing our stories is powerful. Reading our vulnerable truth to people who care is life changing. The Story Writing Workshops are both incorporated into SHOUT Sobriety, Echoes of Recovery and Marriagevolution, and also hosted at various times and locations around Denver.

We all know that addiction is inextricably linked to hunger and homelessness. A vital aspect of our complete approach to destigmatization is our local food and supplies work in our Denver community.

Stigmattack – We purchase produce, meat, eggs and dairy from local Colorado farmers and ranchers, and supply the food to Denver Public Schools food pantries dedicated to feeding hungry families in our community.

Neighborlies – Our Neighborlies are emergency relief food bags that our loyal Stigma Fighters (volunteers) distribute to our homeless and hungry neighbors around Denver. One of the ways we distribute Neighborlies is through Fooding Cabinets where people can take the food they need and leave what they can.

Christmas in the Park – We donate rolling suitcases and backpacks to over 1,000 of our homeless neighbors in Civic Center Park every Christmas Day. This program depends of generous donations of both rolling suitcases and money to purchase suitcases and backpacks.

Our 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit relies on the generous donations of stigma fighters like you to help us continue to crush the stigma!