Partner’s Perceptions of Problematic Alcohol Use and Intimacy

What is the impact of problematic alcohol use on relationship intimacy? Research has established a connection between drinking problems and relationship distress. Now an effort is underway to dig deeper into intimate aspects of the relationship problems.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are conducting a study to better understand the correlation between alcohol use problems and intimacy issues in committed partnerships. If you are currently in a relationship, or have been in a relationship in the past five years, with someone with a drinking problem, and you are at least 18 years of age, you are invited to take a brief, confidential survey (names and other identifying data will NOT be collected). The survey includes questions about emotional intimacy, physical intimacy and sexual satisfaction, and takes about 25 minutes to complete.

In exchange for participation in this research, volunteers will receive access to an advance-copy report about the results of the study.

For more information, and for access to the survey, please click the link below: