New Program to Fight the Stigma

Thanks to your generous support, Stigma is proud to announce our newest program called Echoes of Recovery. Everyone is touched by alcoholism in one way or another. For many of us, we need help recovering from the impact of the drinking of someone we love. That’s what Echoes of Recovery is all about!

This isn’t therapy, and it is not a 12 step program, either. Echoes of Recovery is all about connection. We are bringing together the loved ones of alcoholics and heavy drinkers – spouses, parents, adult children, other relatives and close friends – to share their stories and learn from each other.

Sheri and I have a lot of experience to offer as we’ve healed ourselves and our marriage in the aftermath of my active alcoholism. But we are also learning from the experiences of others. Vulnerability and connection can combine to change lives, and that’s what we are seeing unfold in the Echoes of Recovery program.

For more information, or to enroll, click the link below. Please share this with anyone you know who could benefit from support healing from the ravages of loving an alcoholic. And thanks again for your support!

Published by Matt Salis

Matt Salis is a high-functioning alcoholic in recovery who is working to end the stigma associated with addiction and related conditions such as homelessness and mental illness.