Weaponizing the Words Perpetuates the Stigma

If we refuse to name it, how can we expect to defeat it? That sentiment is popular in the field of stigmatized conditions. It’s also powerful and 100% true. Stigma is not just an unfortunate side effect – the collateral damage of trying to feel better about ourselves by looking down our noses at the […]

LoVVe for Ellis Elementary School

Crushing the stigma associated with hunger means one thing: providing food with a heaping helping of dignity and love. And that’s exactly what the LoVVe Project in Virginia Village is doing with the students and families of Ellis Elementary School. This is not just a food pantry. It is a cultural crossroads. It is working […]

Crush the Stigmas of Addiction, Hunger and Homelessness

Do you ever feel helpless because you don’t know how to get involved? Volunteering feels daunting with forms to complete and schedules to negotiate, right? You want to help, but you already feel stuck before you get started. Become a Stigma Fighter Here are five easy ways to get involved with Stigma’s work here in […]

What an Impactful Year

The movie, Elf, is unquestionably one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. In a scene early in the movie, very early on Christmas morning after he has returned from his annual rounds, Santa congratulates the elves on another successful Christmas. As he concludes his pep-talk, he announces that it is time to get […]

Get Involved and Save Lives

For weeks now, we’ve been collecting rolling suitcases and backpacks to distribute in downtown Denver on Christmas Day. Thanks to the generosity of our awesome Stigma volunteers and donors, we have made great progress toward our goal of 1,000 rolling suitcases and backpacks. But we still have hundreds more to collect, and we need your […]

Dust it Off and Save a Life

Christmas is going to be a little different this year, but that doesn’t have to be all bad. In this year of virus-imposed change, make a change for the better. For the forth consecutive year, Stigma is collecting rolling suitcases and backpacks to distribute on Christmas Day to our homeless neighbors. The health and economic […]