The Story Spoken Word Event

We all know that, “what goes up, must come down,” but do you know that the opposite is also true? The stuff we push down is coming up and out sooner or later. You can let it out in a healthy way with a supportive and empathetic group of people thirsty for stories about the human experience, or you can keep pushing those toxins down, and let them boil over on their own terms. If there is one thing I know above all else it is the healing power of vulnerable story telling.

Hey Denver friends: We invite you to join us on Thursday, February 9th at 6pm at the Tattered Cover Bookstore (2526 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206) for our second annual The Story Spoken Word event. Last year, we overflowed the SAME Cafe. This year, we are in the author’s book signing event room in the basement of the Tattered Cover. We have a lot of seats to fill, and you are invited to join us at no charge.

Maybe you have a story that is itching to get out of you. Maybe it is a story about a joyful experience, or maybe something traumatic. Maybe it is a story of human connection, or maybe it is about the pain of loneliness. Maybe you want to celebrate an accomplishment, or maybe you have regret about a bad decision. Maybe you have a poem. Maybe you have a song to sing. It is an open mic, and we want to hear your voice!

Maybe you are all about listening and encouraging, but you don’t want to read anything yourself. We want you, too! This is a big room, and we want to fill it with love and encouragement. Come be in the audience, and help us celebrate our artists!

There is no need to register, and there are no tickets to buy (the event is free). I am co-hosting the event with fellow writer and community enthusiast, John Olander. Send me an email with any questions, and John or I will get back to you.

20 for 20

Would you like to help sponsor this event? We are looking for 20 of our supporters to donate $20 each. It is a community building event, supported by community. Can you help with a small sponsorship? Click here to donate.

We anticipate an adult audience, and we don’t intend to censor language. Consider yourself warned.

We are grateful to The Tattered Cover for hosting the event, and our promotional partners, SAME Cafe and Housed Working & Healthy. And we are grateful to you for your support.

Published by Matt Salis

Matt Salis is a high-functioning alcoholic in recovery who is working to end the stigma associated with addiction and related conditions such as homelessness and mental illness.