Attacking the Stigma of Hunger

Volunteers at the Food Pantry at DSST Cole

The school year is in full swing, and we are so blessed to have the students back live and in person. Education is just one of the many services we can provide for our youth in the walls of these school buildings. Helping crush the stigma of hunger by providing access to healthy food is a blessing that the connection of school makes possible.

This school year, Stigma is providing meat, dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks to the students and families at RiseUp Community School, Ellis Elementary (through partnership with the LoVVe Project), DSST Cole, The Contemporary Learning Academy, and Denver South High School.

What makes our mission unique is where we source the food we provide…and why.

We buy meat, produce, dairy and eggs directly from Colorado farmers and rancher, and local distributors. We buy the highest quality, natural, whole food including grass fed/grass finished beef, raw fruits and vegetables and whole milk.

In order to bring dignity to this segment of the food chain, we avoid cheap, nutritionless, high-card, high-sugar, highly processed pseudo-foods. The best way to end the cycle of food insecurity is to provide the kind of food kiddos need to thrive in mind and body.

We couldn’t do this work without our network of Colorado farmers and ranchers. And we couldn’t do this work without you, our loyal supporters of our mission to crush the stigma. Thank you!

Published by Matt Salis

Matt Salis is a high-functioning alcoholic in recovery who is working to end the stigma associated with addiction and related conditions such as homelessness and mental illness.

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  1. We are so happy to partner with Matt at DSST-Cole. His choice of vendors is great and the food is beautiful! Our families are leaving the food bank with big smiles

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