Stigma – Sheri’s & Matt’s New Venture

Do you remember us – Matt Salis and my wife, Sheri? We used to bake your 100% whole grain bread…sound familiar? We’re back, and we hope you’ll continue to help us serve our community.

There were really two main components to the life of our bakery. We baked and you ate over a million loaves of bread. Sadly, that part isn’t coming back. But the other part of what we did together, you and us, the part where we made an impact in our community, that part is alive and well. We hope you’ll join us again and continue forward in service to our neighbors who need us the most.

Introducing: Stigma – our non-profit on a mission to help those among us who suffer from homelessness, poverty, addiction and other stigmatized conditions. Our first two initiatives are in support of kiddos in our Denver Public Schools system who work to survive homelessness and poverty while they try to get an education and break the cycle moving toward a better future. Together, we have raised over $53,000 for homeless students in past years. And that really has nothing to do with bread, so let’s keep the love flowing.

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